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Improving Your Tips, Tips on Getting Larger Tips!

Every server wants bigger tips, and that is exactly what this course helps you achieve by introducing the tips and tricks that have proven time and again to increase servers' income. It is estimated that citizens of the United States tip sixteen billion dollars a year. This is based on figures released by the Internal Revenue Service; however, this figure can be considered low because not all tips are recorded.

The truth is, no one really knows how much is spent on tipping by consumers each year, but it is quite likely that the amount is significantly higher than sixteen billion. This short course aims to increase that amount even more by teaching you the tricks that will increase your tip income.

Let's say on an average night of work you ring up $500 in product. At 15%, you would make $75 in tips. If you change the percentage from 15% to just 18%, your tips would be $90.

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By increasing your tips percentage three points per night, one would stand to increase his/her profits by $15 a night, $75 a week (an extra day's pay!), and over the course of a year, nearly $4,000! Imagine the difference if you could add maybe 5%! So why ask for a pay raise when you can simply give yourself one by following the tips/guidelines outlined in this course.

This Class Is Ideal For:
  • Bartenders
  • Bar Backs
  • Servers
  • Bussing Staff
  • Managers

Remember, a satisfied customer will tip the most!
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